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Q- What kind of show add-ons do you have?
A- We have a few options for people to choose from if they would like!      
- The option to have us take song requests from your guests       
- The option to have us create a setlist just for you!      
- The option to learn first dance songs or other special occasion songs  

Q- How long is your show?

A- That's up to you! Our typical shows are between 1-3 hours but for a premium fee we are able to play longer upon request.        ---- 

Q- How do I pay my deposit?

A- Once both parties have agreed on all the details and we have the signed contract back we will email you an invoice via Square. 

Q- How do I get a quote?

A- Send an email to with the following info
  • How long would you want us to perform - 

  • A rough estimate of the number of guests - 

  • Will a sound system be provided or should we bring our own - 

  • Is there a hard surface or stage for us to set up on? - 

  • What is the venue like -

  • How long is the actual event - 

  • When would you want us to load in/ set up -

  • Do you have a budget you would like to stay within

  • Where is the event- 

  • What type of event is it- 


Q- What songs do you know?

Thanks for Asking! Click below for our current setlist! 


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